How to record a duet with yourself and with a friend in TikTok

The music app continues to gain popularity due to the ability to create interesting and fun videos and publish them online, where millions of viewers can see the creation. Therefore, it is worth understanding how to make a duet in TikTok. But keep in mind that only posting duet video is enough, you must have more followers and views to get instant success. If you want to get more eyeballs, buy TikTok likes and views.

Process details

A feature of the service is called short videos, the duration of which is limited to 15 seconds (maximum 1 minute, but without using music). The developers felt that this time was enough to get an interesting story, without tiring the viewer too much. To create clips in the application, you need to master only a few functions.

Record a shared clip.

There are several effects that you can use for your video.

  • Filters, masks: They are superimposed on the background or on the hero’s face. It is also allowed to break the screen into several parts to make a sign on the wall.
  • Color change. There are 36 options available that are available during the recording phase or during the live broadcast.
  • Camera selection (front or normal).
  • Video timing rotation – slow down or speed up.
  • Beauty effect – eliminates various appearance defects (freckles, wrinkles).
  • Mute the audio tracks. The function allows you to play the selected music fragment.
  • Zoom out or zoom in to zoom.
  • Segments – the possibility of dividing the recording into parts to give dynamism to the film.

The video looks unusual if you take a reverse shot in TikTok.

Pair performance

A duo in TikTok is called a joint video. In this case, the screen is divided into parts, each containing an image of the participant. Anyone can become one, even the creator himself or his pet.

Application developers have made the process of creating TikTok duos as simple as possible. All the necessary buttons are on the panel, and they are easy to manage. Depending on who will be the companion during the shooting, the step-by-step instructions for creating it may vary slightly.

With partner

Those who want to duo TikTok with their friend need:

  • Go to the personal companion page of the video.
  • Find the image of three points and click on it.
  • Click on “Start the duo now.”
  • Start video recording.

The user who has decided to make a duet has several shooting modes.

They are located at the bottom of the screen:

  • select music from your phone or the web;
  • Shoot with the subsequent addition of a soundtrack from the library.


Another feature of the program is that in TikTok, It is quite possible to do a duet with yourself. There is no special team for this, but it’s easy to make a clip after going through several stages.

You must first create two different videos with the same musical arrangement, but with different actions in the frame. After that, look at and edit each of the entries. Combine the finished parts with Splice with the film. The program also allows you to add.

With any user

TikTok can record videos, not only with your friends. A partner can be a complete stranger, for example, a popular singer or another famous person.

How to do a duet in TikTok in this case:

  • Select and open a clip with the right person.
  • Click on the image of three points and activate the shooting.
  • Choose special effects, add filters.
  • Save a hashtag, publish a work.

We hope this guide will help to create a great duet video. If you want to make your duet video viral, buy TikTok views.



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