How to make good Video on TikTok – instructions, and tips

Filming videos on TikTok is a great opportunity for modern young people to realize themselves, show their talents, and find new fans.To do this, simply record the video and publish it to the web. But first, it’s important to think through the story of the clip in great detail, repeat it and select the musical accompaniment.

How to make a duet

This is one of the most popular TikTok features. A partner can become not only a friend but generally any user of the application. In addition, you can make a video with a cat or a collage from your own work.

To do this, in the “Favorites” section, you need to download and save your favorite video file. When its download is complete, you must click on the icon with the three-dot image. In the window that opens, select the “Duo” function.

In this case, the screen will be split into two parts, and next to the added clip, which plays automatically after pressing the red button; the recording of your own clip will start. To get more views on your duet, it is recommended to buy TikTok likes and views.

Video effects

You can make your videos more engaging by using video effects that are available on this app.

TikTok video effects

With their help, all the ideas for TikTok are embodied:

  • Alternate Positions – This allows you to change the view by rotating the camera to a different position and taking photos in TikTok without hands.
  • The off arrow changes the speed of the video.
  • Star – starts and deactivates Beauty mode.
  • Multicolored balls – used to adjust shades.
  • Timer with number 3 – sets recording to silent mode.
  • The music note allows you to trim the video in TikTok from the audio file.
  • A square is a flashlight that can be turned on in low light for high-quality recording.

All of these effects help the user to express their imagination, making the clip memorable. In addition, masks can be applied to the image.

Online registration

The benefits of TikTok include live streaming for its followers. This function has no time limit. So you can also create a spectacular and original clip. However, this is only available for those who have already gathered more than 1,000 fans. If you have just a handful of followers, in this case, why not to buy TikTok followers to enjoy all the features of this app.

Ideas for video

To make your video popular, you need to create an original storyline, find the right music, and use the special effects wisely. The video ideas in TikTok can be very different.

Here are some of them:

  • A beautiful incendiary dance is often at the TOP.
  • Adele Challenge – a video filmed on the music of the famous British artist.
  • Change of image. Many stars with a new image immediately upload photos to fans. TikTok users can also send videos to their friends in a format unusual for them.
  • Funny jokes, comic adaptations, and miniatures.
  • Dance on the steps. This trend has appeared recently but has already managed to gain a large number of fans who have shot a similar video.

Public or private

Public video on TikTok

All TikTok videos are divided into two types:

  • Public: The clips in this category are downloaded and stored on the resource owner’s server. Even if a person decides to delete their account from a computer or mobile device, their work will remain in the public domain. This will continue until the user changes their account privately. After which followers will only see all of his videos.
  • Private: Even the user’s friends won’t be able to watch these clips until they change the settings, making them public.

You can choose a different status at any time.

For that:

  • Profile opening.
  • Select “Settings” and “Confidentiality.”
  • Near the “Private account” column, the cursor moves to the desired position.

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