How to do TikTok marketing: strategies to follow

Doing TikTok Marketing is not easy. To plan a solid strategy, you must evaluate the concrete advantages and understand how to intercept the public useful to your needs. It’s not like Facebook or Instagram, primarily because of the type of audience.

Working on this platform that has not yet been fully explored (a bit like what happened with Facebook Ads) gives those who want to do a good social media marketing job to be discovered by a new target. That’s why it’s important to take the opportunity on the fly and do marketing on TikTok.


The essential steps to develop good social media marketing work on this platform are different. But the first, and the most important, concerns the study of the target. Of course, we are talking about very young people. But the first approach to this work concerns the need to study the platform to find out what they do:

  • Your potential customers.
  • Industry competitors.

Here is the key step that allows you to get started on the right foot. The next one concerns the study of an editorial calendar based on mini-videos capable of involving and entertaining followers. At this point, you need to create an account and start publishing by following other channels, inserting the right hashtags and buy Tiktok likes to get instant boost.


This platform is not just about creating and publishing content on your profile, and there are other solutions like those offered by influencer marketing. It works like on Instagram or YouTube: to spread content to a wider audience, and make a breakthrough in restricted communities.


A challenge on TikTok is the right opportunity to gain visibility. And make sure that your brand stands out when the challenge is triggered because we are talking about this.

Challenges are launched on TikTok that invite users to perform tasks or show a talent for certain activities. As a result, always using the right hashtag in the caption, you can publish themed mini-videos to point out your brand name.

The challenges on TikTok

But who can launch a challenge? Everyone, even brands, does it. Only you have to be very popular to follow. Or – and here the marketing technique is hiding – you can hire an influencer who will give visibility to your challenging hashtag. In this way, it becomes simpler and more immediate. Moreover, you can buy TikTok views and shares to make your video viral.


An old catchphrase that becomes significant on TikTok: encourages users to create content related to your brand. Especially while they are using a good or service that concerns you. If you can encourage customers to create and share a video with your products, you have achieved a good result. Even in this case, however, it can be difficult to entice the public if you do not have great visibility. That’s why the contribution of influencers can be significant.


Here there is great attention to labels with an asterisk, that’s why you have to identify and use the ones that work for the content. As always, the solution is not to insert them at random but to evaluate among those that have the greatest diffusion, choosing however representative labels. Plus, those that concern your brand and a possible challenge. Due to this work, you can increase the likes and followers; maybe end up in the section for you: a sort of selected videos that greatly increases the visibility of content and channel.

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