How to Make Money Online with TikTok

TikTok is a young platform, but it needs no introduction. We saw the launch of TikTok in 2016; initially, it had the name of But what is it really about? What is TikTok used for? We only tell you that it has more than eight hundred million users; currently, it is one of the most used social networks. In this article, you will learn how you can earn money online with TikTok.

Let’s find out how to make money online with TikTok.

What are the TikTok Diamonds?

A user who participates in a Live Streaming, (only if he has reached 1000 Followers will be able to participate) will have the right to earn virtual credits or Diamonds. To earn Diamonds, you need to make content that is appreciated and become popular, and the follower then make gifts. As followers play an important role in earning diamonds, users prefer to buy TikTok followers.

Diamonds cannot be exchanged for coins or gifts.

The TikTokers can, at any time, sell the Diamonds they have matured over time. Diamonds can be withdrawn in exchange for economic compensation, for example, Dollars or Euros. The withdrawal will be credited to the user’s PayPal account. However, if the Account is immediately canceled, both the Diamonds and the coins and gifts are lost. Each diamond is worth 1.10 dollars.

How to make money with TikTok

Another way to earn through TikTok is to get people signed up through the invitation; at this point for each person who signs up will go to earn 50 cents. And if the person invited by you will watch 10 minutes of video for three days will earn $55. If you multiply the invitations, you can earn up to 55 dollars per day.

Other ways to make money with TikTok

In addition to Diamonds or inviting people to join the platform, there are other ways to earn through TikTok; being a platform that focuses on visibility, the more you are visible, the more you earn, in the most disparate ways.

Now we will list the main earning modes on TikTok:

  • Through the influencer Marketing;
  • Selling Merch;
  • Affiliates;
  • Live streaming.

There are some ways to make money with TikTok; the first is the Influencer Marketing. Can you earn doing the ‘ Influencer Marketing? It all depends on our Account, the more followers you have, and the easier it will be. That’s why people buy TikTok likes, and followers.

In order to become successful Marketing influencers, it is necessary to sponsor famous brands; this can only happen if you have many followers. Instead, you can earn on TikTok through the Selling Merch, or by producing your own articles, therefore sponsoring your company, sending the Followers back to the Instagram page. The TikTok platform does not allow you to paste the Links, which is why to make an advertisement focused on sales, you have to refer the public to other Social. TikTok is very useful to sponsor the products of your company, to create brand visibility, via video and live, the more followers you have, the more you earn.

Another possibility of earning that can be had through the Social TikTok is the Affiliation; for example, with Amazon, here too, the TikToker in its videos will sponsor products and send the public to another Social, which gives the possibility to paste the links. Once the user clicks on the product sponsored by us or buys it, we will be assigned a percentage.

To earn with Live streaming, you also have to be very popular here. Once in Live users will send you gifts, each gift has a different value. These gifts can then be converted into real money via the Paypal account.

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