How to advertise on TikTok?

If you are one of those brands and companies that use the web for advertising their products or services, it is simply impossible for you not to advertise on social media. In this area, it must be said that the possibilities have multiplied in recent years. Among the novelties, there is the TikTok platform, which seems to have delighted a good part of the internet advertising market due to the original formula. People also buy TikTok views to get more eyes on their videos, but advertisement also allows you to reach a whole new audience. Here’s how to advertise on TikTok.

How to advertise on TikTok?

If you’re interested in advertising with TikTok, then it’s time for you to understand how it works. We explain this to you in a few steps.

The TikTok advertising account: This step is simple: go to the TikTok application page from your smartphone or computer. When you are there, click on “Create an ad.” You will have to fill out a form, so provide certain information about your business. Once completed, you will have to wait approximately 48 hours to be contacted by a representative to finalize your TikTok account launch.

Creating a campaign: As soon as your account is confirmed, go to the “campaign” tab at the top right of your TikTok dashboard. The next step will be to choose what will be proposed to you as your campaign objective. You will be offered three options: traffic, application installation, and conversion.

Set the budget: As we have already noted, the minimum budget to start a campaign is $500. You will, therefore, select the “daily budget” or “total budget” tab; this can be found under the “parameters” tab.

Define ad placements: You will define a group of advertisements as well as targeting and placements. Placements are the platforms on which you want your advertisements to appear (Vigo video, Buzz video, News Republic). But if you’re having trouble deciding, you can also let TikTok choose for you. As soon as the locations are determined, you will have to follow the prompts and insert all the other data necessary to launch your marketing campaign. These are display names like URLs, images, keywords, etc.

Tweak its targeting: Here, you will specify specific data concerning the chosen target, namely the web users who will see your advertisement. It is a question here of specifying the sex, the age group, the languages, the centers of interests, and others. It is also possible to target users on the TikTok application by downloading their identifiers. But for that, it is necessary to have a group gathering them. The download can be done as a CSV, TXT, or ZIP file.

Budget and calendar section: the daily budget must be at least 20 dollars. Until recently, it must have been $50! After determining the daily budget, you’ll also determine how long you want your ad to stay active. It is also possible to determine the hours of the day during which you want your advertising content to run. It is the same for the days of the week. That’s not all because, with the TikTok platform, you can also specify the speed at which you want to spend your budget. There’s standard delivery (split evenly) and Acceleration mode that spends your budget as quickly as possible.

With the TikTok advertisement, you can also buy TikTok likes and followers to increase your visibility.

Video creation: TikTok offers over 300 music options that you can take inspiration from when designing your marketing video. You will also have to choose the format: horizontal, vertical, or square.

Optimization: It is essential to choose good quality images and define a CTA (Call to Action). In addition, advertising optimization considers the setting of the text, which does not exceed 80 characters. At the bottom or in the middle of the image, the location will depend on the objectives and what you offer.

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