3 ways to earn money with TikTok- An ultimate guide

Most users use social platforms for leisure and to keep in touch with friends and relatives. However, for some lucky people, web activities can turn into a job in all respects, even with big profits. The opportunity is also valid for the latest addition to the web landscape, TikTok. It is due to many followers on TikTok, valuable content, and working hours, you can reach the status of influencer and make the creation of funny and engaging short videos in your niche. And buying TikTok followers come up with more followers and views on your videos. That, in turn, gives you the chance to make more money through influencer marketing. Today let’s see together how to make money with TikTok.

Coins, gifts, diamonds: the internal system of TikTok

On TikTok, it is possible to purchase and / or acquire various expendable items, some of which can be transformed into real money.

The types of items available activated for all users over the age of 18 or for those between 16 and 18 years age who have received parental consent, are three:

  • The coins, base currency, purchased with real money be spent only on TikTok that can be used to buy gifts for themselves or to send to your favorite users.
  • The gifts, which are precisely the content purchased on the platform by means of coins. These entitle you to some features of digital products and services that are not otherwise available.
  • The diamond, which is a type of credit that can be obtained only through gifts from other users; this currency cannot be purchased in any way and can be converted into cash and payments via PayPal.

How to make money on TikTok: the 3 main methods

Now that we have clarified TikTok’s internal currency system, the time has come to see together the main methods to start making money with the platform. You will soon discover that, in a similar way to other social media based on user personality, much depends on the ability to increase your likes on TikTok and also the number of followers.

Method # 1: live streaming

The first method is connected with the methods of exchanging coins and gifts. The users with more than 1000 followers on their profile can activate a feature called live streaming, creating as the name suggests live video and receiving gifts from followers while engaged in this activity. These gifts become diamonds, and for a certain number of diamonds, the profile owner can request a dollar amount to be paid on his PayPal profile.

Method # 2: become an influencer

The second method is also connected with the numbers of your profile; being an influencer on social media means becoming a personality. It is due to the creation of valuable content that allows us to build a large following of loyal users, real fans of our work. That’s why most of the users to buy TikTok fans to grow their following count. In this case, the importance of the numbers also adds to the quality of their content breaking through the social world as an influencer requires a lot of work, planning, and strategy. This leads companies and brands to want to collaborate by activating paid initiatives and sponsorships, even exorbitant figures.

Method # 3: the merchandise

Finally, a method that can work if you have a large following as a prominent character on the platform is that of selling merchandise that is collections of products signed or connected with the influencer. In this case, success came through Facebook and Instagram, but today the same result is in all respects reachable also on TikTok.



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