How to increase Increase TikTok followers

TikTok is the application that reached significant levels of popularity, and, in October 2018, it was the most downloaded app in the United States. It is currently available in over 150 countries and has been translated into 75 languages. Due to some celebrities who use it, TikTok (together with Douyin) in February 2019, has exceeded one billion downloads globally.

Best ways to increase your number of followers on TikTok.

Want to get famous on this increasingly popular platform? Follow these tips and tricks to dig into this social app.

Use hashtags

Like most social networks, TikTok also allows the use of hashtags. Therefore our advice is to study the keywords most relevant to the content in question and which can attract a selected and interested audience. Remember that if a user finds interesting content, it is very likely that they choose to follow your profile so as not to lose anything of what you share.

Optimize your Profile

If you already use Instagram, Facebook, and other social networks, you will certainly have created your profiles with care to offer in a few words and with an adequate image, a clear idea of ​​who you are and what you do on social networks.

The aim is to select your target audience so that those who start following you already know what to expect from your content. If your profile represents a dance school, people certainly do not expect to find information on the results of the football Sunday (to get this news people to go elsewhere), but rather some samples of what the school offers (also in an ironic form, if you want).

Connect to other social networks

You can connect your Facebook and Instagram profiles to easily share your videos on other platforms and reach a larger pool of users. Also, to check the results obtained, we recommend setting up a Pro TikTok Account, through which you can check the statistics on the progress of your profile.

Use Bot: Advanced Strategy 

Some people don’t prefer to use bots, but they work. They don’t know the advantage of using a TikTok BOT. The main advantage of using an account is BOT is that it can be set up by making it perform specific actions in a completely automated way. The BOT will be able to like videos, follow new users, stop following them, and comment in an automated way depending on how you set it up. If we had to put hundreds of likes to the photos, follow accounts, and stop following users manually, it would become a real job with hours and hours spent on the platform to perform actions. Instead, due to these BOT platforms, once you set up your account, you will no longer have to do anything except enjoy the results such as:

  • New followers
  • More like your videos
  • More comments.
  • Multiple views

Using bots, also buy TikTok followers to speed up your following growth. The more you get followers, the more you leverage this platform. With buying TikTok followers, don’t forget to buy TikTok likes to get more eyeballs.


For the future, further growth in the popularity of TikTok is expected, as more and more well-known personalities are entrusting their short performances to this platform and get most of it. TikTok recently announced a multi-year partnership with the NFL (National Football League). The partnership includes the launch of an official NFL account, which will bring its content to fans around the world. We can tell you it isn’t going to slow down.

The growth of TikTok is just starting, and the app downloads have already surpassed those of other platforms much more consolidated in public, such as Facebook and Instagram. Therefore, being present in such a popular environment is essential and allows you to reach a whole new audience.

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