How to see who views the TikTok profile

TikTok is slowly attracting more and more people. You too, initially, had decided to use the right social to duet with tiktokers you know and watch what others published. Then, you tried to make a TikTok, and you realized that the interactions are relevant, to the point that it would be better to analyze the statistics of this platform to design a growth plan.

In particular, you have noticed that some of your content is having moderate success in terms of likes, comments, and shares, even by people who do not follow you. That’s why people buy TikTok likes and followers to enjoy the stardom of this rapidly increasing platform. And if you got here, it’s probably because you want to get an idea of ​​who these users are. You would like to see who views your TikTok profile in detail. In the guide that follows, we will try to answer this question of yours, taking into account both the views of the account and those of the individual videos.

How TikTok displays work

TikTok gives a lot of importance to the visualization of the contents, so much to be one of the main aspects that the algorithm takes into consideration to make your content viral. A video can be defined as more successful when it manages to end up in the “Forpage, “the homepage where you land when you open the social network and where you can see the contents of all users, not just those you follow. In particular, what matters is the completion rate or the percentage of those who watch your video for its entire duration.

TikTok considers a visualizationif someone has actually played your video, regardless of who and how (a bit like on YT). I’ll give you an example: if your video has 500 views, it does not always mean that 500 different users have pressed “Play”; it may be that some of them have watched the video several times.

Some third-party programs and apps promise to increase content views and followers and check profiles (one’s own and those of others): they are TikTok bots. Moreover, you can buy TikTok views to take the lead.

Limits of views on TikTok

TikTok does not always allow you to derive the information you are looking for from the visualizations. As for the videos, the views are reduced to a total number, and it is not possible to find out who the people who watched a TikTok are specifically. You also add unregistered users, who can visit your profile – obviously only if the public – and see your videos. These views are not tracked. Therefore they will be anonymous. So you cannot always find out who spies on you on social media.

Considerations on TikTok display notification removed.

Until the beginning of 2020, it was possible to know the name of registered users who visited their profile due to a simple notification in the section on the social network. At the time of writing, however, this information has been deleted. The social network never announced the removal of this function or explained its reasons, but we assume this happened for privacy reasons. To date, you cannot find out directly who the specific users are who visit your TikTok profile, but you can do it indirectly.

Control the total views of TikTok videos

By staying on the “Overview” page, you can also find out the total number of times your videos have been viewed in the last 7 or 28 days. The number of views and the composition of users who have viewed the TikTok may vary if it is a public account or a profile – or a single content – that has been set as private.



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