How To Find The Right Influencers In Tiktok?

Advertising in TikTok is still relatively new. In April 2019, TikTok launched its advertising campaigns in beta. For this reason, there is little advertising on the platform so far. And although big brands like Nike, Red Bull, Universal Pictures, and Disney have already had success with their advertising campaigns, you won’t find many small brands that advertise on TikTok. This is also due to high prices.

The best solution for small and medium-sized brands that want to use the massive reach of TikTok is influencer marketing. Working with an influencer is cheaper than placing ads. They can drive your engagement and increase your ad reach like no one else. Just give them creative freedom, and you can look forward to productive, unique content. But if you are looking for some affordable solution to get noticed on Tik Tok, don’t hesitate to buy TikTok followers.

Get to know your brand.

Before you get started with TikTok, it is important to understand exactly what your brand is about and who belongs to your target group. TikTok is not for everyone. Most of its users belong to Generation Z. Some users are older than 30 years, but they are still quite rare. So if you’re targeting millennials, Instagram might be a better choice for you.

Get to grips with the platform.

Compared to Facebook and Instagram, using TikTok, especially for beginners, can be a bit complicated. The features it offers are like a combination of Snapchat and (its predecessor). If you have never been to these platforms and have no background knowledge about them, your first step should be to create a new profile in TikTok. Navigate through the platform, learn about its functions, and also see the current trends. This will give you a deeper understanding of how the platform works and what it can do for your brand. If you are new on TikTok, then you can buy TikTok views to increase visibility on your videos and get new followers.

TikTok influencer vs. Influencers on other platforms 

The number of followers on TikTok is not as important as on Instagram or other social media platforms. Here the most creative and entertaining videos have the greatest reach. The community focuses more on the content than on how famous the person who publishes the video is. There is a higher demand for “authenticity,” which is why nano and micro-influencers are on the rise on the platform. As a brand owner, you need to carefully search for influencers who can create entertaining videos that your target audience will engage with.

Which hashtags are trending?

To start your search, simply navigate through the app and go to the “Discover” tab. You can enter search terms in the search bar, e.g., B. “Eat Pizza,” and you will see the hottest videos on this topic. To change the results, simply click on the “Top,” “Users,” “Videos,” “Sounds,” and “Hashtags” tabs. This gives you an idea of ​​which influencers excel in this area and what type of content they produce.

Look for platforms or agencies that work with TikTok influencers. 

Although you have to pay for platforms, they can be a worthwhile investment in the long run. They speed up and facilitate the process of influencer search. They provide you with a lot of information and data that you can use to make important decisions. Platforms also offer marketers and brand tools with which they can run the influencer campaign smoothly and successfully.

Check out influencers on various social media platforms. 

If you’ve already worked with influencers on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, it’s good to check if they also have TikTok accounts. Influencers typically build their fan base across multiple channels. This means that if they are successful on Instagram, they may also have a growing fan base on TikTok. And even if the content is different on each platform, it can make the entire campaign process easier if you have an influencer that you trust.

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