How to Increase Spotify Followers In 2022

The music industry has been expanding forever, but now we’re seeing a change in landscape as virtual tends are becoming popular every day. Take streaming for an example, which is responsible for almost 85% of revenue generated by music sales in the US. Lucky for Spotify, this trend is making the platform expand significantly, with over 40,000 new songs added to the database every day.

Naturally, every music artist wants to build their Spotify profile and reach a large number of users to become successful. If you’re an aspiring artist looking to increase Spotify followers in 2022, this article is all you need.

How to Increase Spotify Followers in 2022?

Like other major platforms, Spotify works on an algorithm that increases the visibility of your music on specific grounds and vice versa. Naturally, the more visible you are, the more are your chances to increase your followers. Here we list some valuable points to help you become a Spotify star with a massive following. Take a look:

  • Saved Music:

Once someone saves a music track, they are most likely to stay in their “Liked Tracks” category forever. The Spotify algorithm considers saved music tracks of higher value than others, prioritizing them when suggesting music to users or creating playlists. If you try to get your music saved, you will most likely increase your follower count.

  • Conditional Gates:

Conditional gates refer to the practice of unlocking gated content for the users if they comply with a simple condition(s). The prerequisite could be anything of value to you, for example, following your social media accounts or sharing the track to get listening rights. This way, people will stay involved in your community, and your follower count will continue to flourish.

  • Spotify For Artists:

Spotify for Artists offers a comprehensive platform for musicians to effectively manage their accounts and get valuable analytics to refine their practices. For example, if you find out that most of the traffic to your profile is from Canada, you can plan your next event there to make it a sure success. Remember that these analytics aren’t available to everyone unless you have the blue tick with your name.

  • Spotify Canvas:

Spotify Canvas is another invaluable tool to show your creativity effectively and put out quality/appealing content that attracts the audience. Canvas allows you to design artwork, visuals, and more to add to the tracks to elevate the listener’s experience.

  • Use Promotional Channels:

Using promotional channels such as social media, emails, or advertisements is key to reaching a bigger audience. However, make sure that you sound professional and your posts directly communicate with the fans.

  • Invest in Spotify Followers:

If all the above options sound too exhaustive, there is a simple solution. You can buy Spotify followers to bring an instant boost to your profile, and an account with a high number of followers is most likely to impress new users to discover your music.


We conclude this article in high hopes that now you know how to increase your Spotify followers effectively. Make sure that you read this article thoroughly, so you’re equipped with the correct information while making an effort to grow your Spotify presence.

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