TikTok Followers

Do you know how to get verified on TikTok? No? On Musical.ly it was a small crown placed next to the username; on TikTok it was converted into a small badge on the style of Facebook and Instagram. The fact is that the “stamp” of the verified account remains a real status symbol, which acts as a watershed between being a “simple” user (mind you, not that there is nothing wrong with it) and real celebrities recognized by the platform, and therefore rewarded by the algorithm.

Requirements to get verified on TikTok

There are no guidelines that define these requirements. What is certain, however, is that a profile populated by videos that violate the guidelines of the TikTok community will certainly not get the badge. And indeed, publishing videos that somehow violate TikTok’s policies would put you at serious risk of temporary or even permanent bans.

Our dispassionate advice is to do your best to study, analyze, and respect all the indications of TikTok (for example, do not expose nudity in your videos). Increase your following count. You will see that you will be able to increase your followers and get noticed by the developers, who will evaluate the possibility of giving you the badge. If you have a handful of followers, don’t hesitate to buy TikTok followers.

What is and how the verified badge work on TikTok

Historical notes aside, once the Musical.ly crowns have been archived, the current state of the art sees the affixing of a small badge in the shape of a white tick on a blue background next to the nickname of some TikTok users. But in the present case, who are these users? The TikTok team attributes the badge to a wide range of famous personalities on the same social network or from other platforms (so don’t be surprised if users who have recently opened their TikTok profile already have a tick).

In general, they get the verification stamp:

  • VIP (celebrities from the world of TV, cinema or sports);
  • Companies recognized nationally and internationally;
  • Influencers already very active (and with a high number of followers) on Instagram, Facebook, Twitch or other social networks;
  • You Tubers or established filmmakers;
  • Politicians;
  • Known entrepreneurs.
  • In short, as you will have understood, anyone who risks being copied or whose profile runs the risk of being cloned by annoying subjects intending to profit from it excessively gets the verified account badge.
  • The badge testifies that the TikTok team has actually recognized and confirmed the authenticity of this account and does not believe that this step is so obvious. Have you ever read or seen Instagram Stories of celebrities who expressed their disappointment at finding personal photos in other profiles or even fake profiles with their face associated with an invented name?
  • If we want to go further into the matter, we could tell you that in practice, the TikTok badge is not attributed only to celebrities because of their recognized status. You can also become a verified user on TikTok by starting to produce videos from your bedroom, as long as these videos are really explosive, of course! Fortunately, the badge is also assigned to all those creators who, with consistency and commitment, manage to produce quality content. For this, they manage to gain visibility and a “hardcore” of loyal followers. 
  • In this sense, we could give a double meaning to the account badge verified on TikTok: on the one hand, the accounts of already famous people, on the other the accounts of TikTokers that have become popular right on the platform.
  • However, the lowest denominator remains the developers’ mission to guarantee the uniqueness and originality of each account that has become famous for one reason. On the other hand, we must not forget that, beyond the “glory” that comes from a video that has gone viral, there is also the component linked to sponsorships and the considerable amount of money behind the advertising of a brand. If you also want to get more eyes on your content and buy TikTok views is a safe bet.